From corporate to social events, we can design and manage an extraordinary experience for your company, or take care of all the details of your picture-perfect day.


Creating fun events is serious business! No one brings more to the party than the events we create. If you have a special moment that you wish to celebrate in a different way, food & wine can make it a unique experience, in any kind of special event:

  • Business meetings in a different environment
  • Birthday parties for any age
  • Family or friends get-togethers
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties (stag or hen parties)
  • Welcome or going-away parties
  • Graduation celebrations
  • Networking groups
  • Weekend Group Activities
  • High School or College Field Trips
  • Others

A successful event is much like a recipe, a combination of many factors that depending on your tastes, bring a myriad of things together. You can choose from a wonderful selection of unique themes to create a fantastic blend of the physical and mental environment. We can create a personalized, unforgettable, and incredible event for you.

You can choose from a wonderful selection of unique and memorable activities, each one willleave you totally thrilled.

From cooking classes to bread making, from an awesome lunch at a winery to a picnic on the beach, and everything else you can imagine, from gastronomic peddy papers in the city to gastronomic tours in the countryside, all over the country.

Looking for a private dining experience or to cater for a small gathering? Then hire a personal chef to cook at your place or a caterer for your next event. Our professionals can execute creative menus and tailor their talents to your needs.

Your goals, preferences, and our savy in facilitating your guests’ involvement, are the perfect recipe for an amazing Celebration.

Contact to know more about our event planning options and to start planning the event of your dreams or complete the Celebrations & Events form below.