In this experience you will have the opportunity to visit the cork factory where the stoppers of the so famous champagne Moët & Chandon are born and you will learn how to distinguish the various types and qualities of stoppers for wines as well.


You will see the importance of the Cork Industry, its various components and the transformation, from the circulation to the final product.

You will begin with an introduction to the theme of cork and end with a visit to the facilities, so that you can watch directly the different phases of this process.

After the visit you will have the opportunity to put your hands “on the dough” and participate directly in the process of choosing, producing and analyzing the quality of the cork (includes safety equipment, water and cork supply).


After the visit and the workshop, we also propose a walk through the Factory Store, where you can appreciate the different applications of the granulated and cork skin in articles, namely fashion and home.


NOTE: It is also possible to have a visit to the cork oaks or a wine tasting included. Contact us for more information about these.