A journey through the Algarve flavors as we take you from the sea to the Algarve inland, to introduce you to its hidden secrets.


On this tour, you will start the day visiting the Fish Market of Olhão, where you will get to know about the ingredients used to cook the fresh Portuguese food and be introduced to the Portuguese species.


You will also visit the salt pads, which, during the high-season (July and August) will have people working on the salt harvesting. During the rest of the year you will still have the opportunity to learn about this important ancient industry and how the salt is produced.

We will then continue to the inland and take you to discover a surprising and genuine Algarve, passing through the villages and knowing the rhythm of its inhabitants, their traditions and the best Algarve flavors.


discover a surprising and genuine Algarve


It includes a Regional lunch and the visit to an olive oil production, on a guided tour in which you will get to know the production process and learn about the different types of olive oil, ending with a technical test of olive oil.

You will have a surprising guided tour to a very special cork factory, where the stoppers of the World-famous Moët & Chandon champagne are born. Through this guided visit you will learn how to distinguish the various types and qualities of wine corks as well.


Later you will visit a wine producer from the Algarve, where you can learn about the unique characteristics of the Algarve wines and have the privilege to taste one of the best wines produced here, you can also test the quality of the corks with the producer.

At the end of the day you will visit a production of Medronho and Melosa, spirits made from the medronho fruit, characteristic from the Algarve hills, which is produced by locals since ancient times with artisan technics.