Some just met, others already know each other quite well. Some have children, others have grandchildren. Some just want to have time for themselves. The time we spend exclusively with our companion is precious to tighten bonds and to express our love.

We work very hard and we need a break. We need time to look each other in the eye, to rediscover ourselves and the love we share.

In Singulartrips we value love. We live in a country of poets and idyllic landscapes, a country of astonishing wines and surprising gastronomy waiting to be shared with our other halves. We think of each detail, to transform that moment into an unique occasion.


We love challenges and people in love. Share the most incredible moments you have ever lived and remember them forever together.

Discover the amazing experiences we have designed for you, get inspired. Those are the starting point for the holidays of a lifetime.


Romantic Sunset Sailing Experience


Picnic Experience

Old Cars & Old Wines' Lover Tour