A sport fishing trip for all the fishing enthusiasts.


In the sport fishing trips, our aim is to turn your day into a memorable experience, either if it is a private or a group experience.


This activity is advisable to all lovers of this sport, with or without experience, as you will be accompanied by an experienced crew, who will teach you all the secrets there are to know. The crew knows the best technics and the best places, the right baits and how to use them, which will be used in a very efficient way to get the best results.

We prepare everything for you, to turn this Portuguese tradition memorable and to better understand the reason why our geographic location pushed us to the sea, since ever.

You may also enjoy the fish caught in a BBQ on board or taking it with you for a special lunch, shared together with the fishermen or your family and friends. Please contact us for these special requests.


There are different programs available, as for example:


Reef fishing (3 hours)

takes place ¾ miles off the coast (at 20 to 30 meters depth) with the vessel anchored. It’s a type of fishing in which the bait stays at the bottom, close to the reefs, for the capture of a greater variety of fish, for example: mackerel, grouper, conger, and snapper, amongst others. The bait used is shrimp and common cockle.

Shark fishing (6 hours)

takes place at high seas (10 miles off the coast) fishing a variety of shark species, such as blue shark, short fin mako, amongst others. The bait used is sardines.


Note: All the necessary equipment is included. 

A fishing activity is a great way to relax and to be in contact with the Mother Nature, promoting the family union and friend groups to connect and interact with each other. Special conditions for Groups, Corporative events and Team-building.

Please contact us.