(Colares, Carcavelos & Bucelas)


On this amazing all-day tour, we propose you to get acquainted with wines from the Lisbon Region, full of History and produced in amazing Wine Estates with palaces and manor houses that will surprise you.

Simultaneously you will visit regions of great beauty, such as the region of Colares, in the Serra de Sintra, Oeiras, on the coast of Lisbon and Bucelas, a region still unexplored and therefore full of authenticity and history.

Portugal has 14 wine regions and 3 fortified wines, one of them is in the Lisbon Region, the Carcavelos Wine.

You will like to know this other passion of the Marquis of Pombal, the man behind the reconstruction of the city of Lisbon after the earthquake of 1755 and the story behind the defeat of Napoleon at the gates of Lisbon.


You will also know the only vineyards that survived the phylloxera plague in the mid-19th century, when all the others in Europe died.

An unforgettable day with unforgettable wine tastings.


NOTE: For groups it is possible to have lunch in one of the Wine Estates. Please contact us.