Travel Back in Time with a Cup of Coffee


Those who are lucky enough to visit Lisbon at a slower pace, will have the opportunity to savor an even more special taste of the city. The tastes, aromas and atmosphere that permeate some special places: not museums, palaces, monuments or the beautiful churches, but rather the old cafés of Lisbon and the century-old bakeries: witnesses of the cultural life of the city.

An Experience that takes you to meet some of the oldest and most genuine Lisbon neighborhoods, where we find cafés, coffee shops and bakeries, full of history and glamour.


a Cup of Coffee

tastes, aromas and atmosphere that permeate some special places


You will visit places dating back to the 19th century, and you will feel the weight of their history and the people who lived there. The historic cafés of Lisbon have been meeting places for intellectuals, renowned forums for cultural and political discussions

a very good experience

The historic cafés of Lisbon are one of the highlights of this beautiful city. A tour around the places where you can savor the secular, cultural and intellectual life that has pervaded the city over the past 250 years. Some of these ancient meeting places have shut down over the past few decades, others have been transformed into new businesses, but many are still open to the public and offer everybody their great wealth of history and passion.