Spend a relaxed and different afternoon learning how to make a traditional liquor or jam from the Algarve Region.


Choose according to your preferences between learning how to make Carob Liquor, Medlar or Fig Jam.

All these workshops take place in the Algarve countryside and whenever possible you will go with the cook to harvest the fruits to make your liquor or jam.

In the Liquors workshop, the participants will learn how to make two delicious liquors: Carob Liquor and Plum Liquor. Both fruits are very common in Algarve and are known for their nutritive properties.

The cook will explain the whole process from the preparation of the ingredients, to the liquor making and its storage.


At the end, each participant will take home a bottle of each liquor made during the workshop.


In the workshops of Jams the participants will learn how to make a delicious Medlar or Fig Jam, fruits that are very common in the Algarve's region.


SPECIAL NOTE: Carob Liquor: from June to October; Medlar Jam: from May to July; Fig Jam: from June to September.

You will also be presented to all the ingredients used and all the preparation will be explained, as well as the jam's making and storing.

At the end there will be a jam tasting and each participant will take home the jam that was made during the workshop.