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Alpiarça - Ribatejo

Alpiarça - Ribatejo


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Ribatejo is the less known Portuguese Region, almost stripped from tourists until today and a land to discover.

The Ribatejo is the most central of the traditional provinces of Portugal, with no coastline or border with Spain. The region is crossed by the Tagus River (Ribatejo translates to "shores of Tagus") and contains some of the nation's richest agricultural land, and it produces most of the animals used in the Portuguese style of bullfighting.

Land of horses, bulls, wine and genuine traditions, Ribatejo has much to offer to those who choose to discover it.

The Tagus River defines its beautiful landmarks and the lowland which is rich for the agriculture but also that give rise to urban clusters fortified by castles. Elements, some built in real steps, and protected by sumptuous monasteries and churches, deep marks of a History rich in events that marked Portugal.

The most welknown is the Christ Convent in Tomar, but also the Santarém, Ourique, Almourol and Leiria castles, and many old and beautiful churches mainly in Santarém, the Gothic capital.

You can also visit the geodesic centre of Portugal, in Vila de Rei, the Salinas at Rio Maior and the Caves in the Aires and Candeeiros Mountain.

One of the most beautiful places is Escaroupim, an old fishing village which offers one of the most beautiful inland sunsets we have ever seen.