Luxury has passed through these lands of the West keeping, till today, these marks of the past very present as many Kings and Queens have left their mark on the Region.

Starting with the former Royal Ice Factory that you will visit and where you will be surprised by the royal whims, passing by the baths where the Queen Leonor bathed to cure the diseases that afflicted her and which gave the name to the land, Caldas da Rainha, where we will visit the only outdoor market with its uniqueness and amazing characteristics and spa park.


No less royal are the dishes that, still today, enriches the Portuguese tables, produced in the Factory with the name of its creator - Bordallo Pinheiro. You will visit the exhibition space and the shop to  know some of his most enigmatic pieces.

Lunch is also included in this full day tour and is no less royal, and for the meal, we chose one of the best restaurants to taste the Portuguese cod. Here the cod is roasted near you and the starters are so good that will please the palate and the stomach in a fulfilling way.


But the day does not end here, you will still know the wines of the region. The wines are an old tradition of this rural region, supplier of the city of Lisbon, and you will try them in a charming Wine Estate that was once owned by a King who offered it to his beloved actress, Rosa Damasceno. In this property the King built his private theater, a rich chapel and a magnificent Manor House. You will visit the property and you will know the love story behind it and its wines of excellence.