A must see in your Lisbon Trip – Sintra.


A fairy tale place just forty kilometres from Lisbon. Luxurious vegetation created by romantic men in the late 19th and early beginning of the 20th Centuries. Along the Natural Park you will be surprized by the amazing palaces and botanic gardens.


You can take a week here if you have time available to stay and visit each hidden gem, but if you only have one day to visit the marvellous Sintra, then this is the tour which will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the place.

In Sintra, we recommend you to have a guided visit to Palácio da Pena (Pena Palace) at least, and/or another Palace of your choice. We highly recommend The Vila Palace, Monserrate and Regaleira, but it’s impossible to visit properly all of them in one day.


Moving forward through the road of Pena towards Penedo, a charming village in the Serra de Sintra (Sintra Mountain), absolutely out of the touristic circuits that will surprise you and where we will stop so that you can have lunch in a typical Portuguese food restaurant.

Accompanied by the wonderful landscape of the National Park of Sintra-Cascais and the marvellous views of the Castelo dos Mouros (Moorish Castle) and of the Palácio da Pena (Pena Palace), which is always in your field of vision wherever you go, you will still have time to have a Colares wine tasting, from the Demarcated Region of Colares, and to have a short walking tour in Sintra’s narrow streets, including Volta do Duche and to see its beautiful Palácio da Vila (Vila Palace) as well as a tasting of the traditional Queijadas and/or Travesseiros de Sintra in the unavoidable pastry shop Piriquita.