About the Setúbal Peninsula and the Arrábida Mountain

Setúbal Peninsula in a glance

Setúbal Peninsula in a glance

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Just off the busy and bustling city of Lisbon passing through its bridges, we get the unreal, peaceful scenery of Arrábida. In its mysteries and its silences, on its beaches and its absorbing scenarios, in its convents and fortresses, in the flora and fauna, lives much of the the fascination that makes the Setúbal Peninsula a very unique region in the World.

The southwest massive of Arrábida has the largest seaside cliffs of Portugal, being the Risco the highest coastal limestone escarpment in Europe; it falls in a calm, crystal blue and emerald green sea.  Arrábida is also relevant for its level of marine ecosystems, it is an area of high biodiversity, unparalleled at European level.

Besides the unique natural heritage, Arrábida is rich in heritage building. The Fortress of "S. Filipe", The Fort of "Santa Maria", and the Arrábida Convent, founded in 1542 by Franciscan friars, are examples of a secular harmonious coexistence between human work and nature.

The fishermen and their boats, the river and the sea are inseparable from the identity of Setúbal. The colouring of the hundreds of boats anchored along the riverfront contrasts with the bronze tanned skin of men of toil.
People of the sea, accustomed to overcome all challenges, with peculiar wisdom and humour, able to paint pictures with words that make anyone mesmerized.

The Setúbal beaches hand-in-hand with the Arrábida Natural Park is one of the strong attractions that the county offers to those who visit it.

Embraced by the green mantle of the Arrábida mountain, that gives its refreshing shadow to the sandy beaches, highlighting the Portinho da Arrábida, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal.

The Setúbal peninsula is a true sanctuary of knowledge and flavors, where the gastronomic secrets are shared in every corner and the relationship with the sea is expressed everywhere.

Here we taste the best fish dishes and shellfish from Portugal, the confectionery is an exquisite ancient art and arise seasonally new Snacks, when combined with the magnificent wines of the demarcated region from the Terras do Sado, promises to take you to heaven during the meal.