Our tours and experiences will boost your mood for building your own activities. You can mix them together or simply ask for something different. Please, do as you wish. 


We’d be happy to tailor-make you a bespoke trip from scratch. Simply tell us a few details about your group and select your preferred date. One of our trip designers will spring into action, confirm the details or explore alternatives within 48 hours. Save time and effort and let us build your dream trip.

We are experts in Portuguese food & wines and definitely the best partner for your journey. We will work together for you to have a awesome experience in Portugal.

You are planning a journey through the country and would like to have a singular and authentic experience while here. You prefer a self-drive journey but would like to have a local to guide you through the territory and its flavours. Planning for a weekend or a month trip. This are just some of the possibilities that we can answer to. 


Please contact us by email at info@singulartrips.com or complete the form below