It all started when...

“The Presidential” is Portugal’s Premier Luxury Experience, redesigned at each edition to bring the world’s leading culinary talents to the most beautiful corners of portugal, aboards the most exquisite train in our history.


An incredible journey aboards the historic presidential train with departure and arrival from porto, the 9-hour trip tours the whole Douro river railway.

The best chefs in the country a selection of the most renowned Michelin start holders, plus two rising stars.

For over a century, the Presidential train was used by kings, presidents, heads of state, and popes. Magnificently restored in 2010, maintraining the original furnishing and style that made it iconic, it offers it’s guests a trip not only through space, but also through time.

In september (this year starting on September 29th) and october every saturday and sunday, totalling 10 amazing an unique trips.


64 gourmet lunches per day an exclusive experience, perfect for couples, groups, or businesses.

4-course gourmet tasting menu accompanied by the country’s most celebrated wines exclusive port wine tasting at the most emblematic private farm in the douro, where you can experience the classic douro farmhouse and vineyard exclusive upgrades you can now enjoy 2 or 3 day packs, including wine treading and spa experiences.

A holiday that you will always remember !