Connecting travelers with locals through food, culture and tradition.


Conducted in intimate and friendly places and taught by locals for an authentic experience that connects travellers with locals through food, culture and tradition.



You will be surprised with the high quality and character of Portuguese wines and by the differences you can find among the 14 wine regions that Portugal has. These differences are reflected in the features of the wines that each region produces, but also in the culture and the character of local populations.

Tailor-made Trip

Prefer a personally tailored trip? We can help you out with that. Save time and effort. We will build your dream trip in 48 hours. 

Private food tours.

Food tours off the beaten track with multiple tasting stops - each one at a different location of historical and gastronomical significance. The perfect way to get to know a city.


In Portugal many decisions are made around the table. The food is just the reason for the relationships that are created, the ideas that arise and goals that are outlined. Let the food itself be a new challenge for your team!


A way to showcase the rural areas of Portugal and their hidden treasures. These experiences last one day or half-a-day and introduce travellers to the producers and the production methods of several traditional Portuguese products.


What more could you dream about for your party than a memorable moment for your guests?  Leave it with us. Regardless of your location, tell us about your dream and we will do the rest. You just have to show up and enjoy the moment!