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Montejunto Mountain - West

Montejunto Mountain - West

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To the north of the Serra de Sintra, near the coast, is the West zone, traditionally a supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables in the city of Lisbon. In this markedly rural area, there are monuments of obligatory visit, including the Mafra Convent, the Batalha Monastery, one of the most impressive examples of Gothic architecture in the country, the charming village of Óbidos, between the city walls, and the city of Caldas da Rainha, famous for its pottery, among many genuine villages.

The Cadaval District, buffered by Serra de Montejunto, perhaps more than any other district in the region, holds on to its rural nature, the rusticity of its ways still maintain ancient traditions of rural culture and its people.

Through the hills there are traces of the presence of Dominican monks and it is possible to detect the entry of some caves or grottos and observe or visit several windmills on the summit of the mountain.

In this region you will also find fantastic golf courses, beaches with huge potential worldwide recognized for surfing.

Seafood is abundant (stews, clams,…), along with roasted sardines, cod and Portuguese stew, the most traditional dishes. The excellent wines are a constant presence in the menus of the restaurants. Lovers of sweets can delight in wonderful regional sweets of convent origin, like the Pão de Ló, Cavacas or Pastéis de Feijão (bean cakes).