Connecting travelers with locals through food, culture and tradition.


Conducted in intimate and friendly places and taught by locals for an authentic experience that connects travellers with locals through food, culture and tradition.




You will be surprised with the high quality and character of Portuguese wines and by the differences you can find among the 14 wine regions that Portugal has. These differences are reflected on the features of the wines that each region produces, but also on the culture and the character of local populations.

Tailor-made Trip

Prefer a personally tailored trip? We can help you out with that. Save time and effort. We will build your dream trip in 48 hours. 


Food tours off the beaten track that are a kind of long meal with several tasting stops, including the stores with the greatest historical and gastronomical significance and those that have greater character, charm and highest standards of quality.


In Portugal many decisions are made around the table. The food is just the reason for the relationships that are created, the ideas that arise and goals that are outlined. The food is itself a creative approach to your team, which will work as the first positive boost for them that they will never forget.


A way to showcase the Portuguese rural areas and their hidden treasures. These last one day or half-a-day and introduce travellers to the producers and the production methods of several traditional Portuguese products.


What more could you dream about for your party than a memorable moment for your guests? But this can be difficult, given that your life will continue. Leave it with us. You can be next to us or anywhere in the world, tell us about your dream and we will do the rest. You just have to show up and enjoy the moment!

The most authentic Portuguese cooking experience.


An unforgetable experience : learn to prepare and then share a typical Portuguese meal with a local Portuguese family in their home. What better way to experience an authentic taste of Portuguese gastronomy and culture?


Food Tours & Old Neighborhoods


The food tours feature routes with several tasting stops, including the neighborhoods and stores with the greatest historical and gastronomical significance and those that have greater character, charm and highest standards of quality.


Get the most out of Portugal with great hands-on experiences.


Enjoy a day in the countryside or spend it doing traditional activities with your family and friends. You can learn how to make and participate in the production, followed by tasting the variety of traditional products that are the basis of the portuguese gastronomy.


Atmosphere, dedication and passion for viticulture and winemaking in the portuguese beautiful landscape.


Visit our cellars, taste our wines, stroll through the vineyards and discover the unknown quality and uniqueness of the portuguese wines. Here, travellers can understand the intricacies of this ancient art and how nowadays you can make wine with new technologies without putting aside the tradition. From small to large wineries, from old to new producers, details that make the portuguese wines so special.


Our team building activities will have your company well on its way to building a team of peers that work well together, are productive and have a renewed focus. 


Food & Wine are the theme for all the team building activities we have to offer to your company, to promote better teamwork in the workplace. We can help your team in any aim you could have.

  • Improving communication
  • Boosting morale
  • Motivation
  • Ice breaker
  • Learning effective strategies
  • Improving productivity
  • Learning about one's strengths and weaknesses 
  • Others

The activities are both fun and challenging and that also have the "side effect" of building teamwork skills that can help improve employee performance and productivity at the office. From cooking classes to bread making, cheese making, honey making, and everything else you can imagine, from gastronomic peddy's in the city to gastronomic tours in the countryside, all over the country.

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From corporate to social events, we can design and manage an extraordinary experience for your company, or take care of all the details of your picture-perfect day.


Creating fun events is serious business! No one brings more to the party than the events we create. If you have a special moment that you wish to celebre in a different way, food & wine gives you the motion for a special event, like the folowing ones:

  • Business meetings in a different environment
  • Birthday parties for youngers and elders
  • Family or friends get-togethers
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties (stag or hen parties)
  • Welcome or going-away parties
  • Graduation celebrations
  • Networking groups
  • Weekend Group Activities
  • High School or College Field Trips
  • Others

A successful event is much like a recipe, a combination of many factors that depending on your tastes, bring a myriad of things together. You can choose from a wonderful selection of unique themes to create a fantastic blend of the physical and mental environment. We can create a personalized, unforgettable, and incredible event for you.

You can choose from a wonderful selection of unique motivating interactives with which you’ll be absolutely proud and thrilled.

From cooking classes to bread making, from a awesome lunch at the winery to a picnic on the beach, and everything else you can imagine, from gastronomic peddy's in the city to gastronomic tours in the countryside, all over the country.

Looking for a private dining experience or to cater a small gathering? Then hire a personal chef to cook at your place or a caterer for your next event. Our professionals can execute creative menus and tailor their talents to your needs.

Your goals, preferences, and our savy in facilitating your guests’ involvement, are the recipe for an amazing Celebration.

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Our tours and experiences will boost your mood for building your own activities. You can mix them together or simply ask for something different. Please, do as you wish. 


Save time and effort and let us build your dream trip. We are experts in portuguese food & wines and definitely the best partner for your journey. We will work together for you to have a awesome experience in Portugal. Tell us what you wish to do, what you expect to eat or what you would like to learn about the portuguese wines.

You are planning a journey through the country and would like to have a singular and authentic experience in it. You prefer a self-drive journey but would like to have the local people to guide you through the territory and its best tastes. Planning for a weekend or a month trip. This are just some of the possibilities that we can answer to. 


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Here at Singulartrips we are really keen to share our enthusiasm for portuguese gastronomy, beverages & wines. We offer a number of different tours and experiences on which you get taken into the real taste of the portuguese culture. And if you are feeling really generous, why not treat your loved ones with a tour that includes a scrumptious picnic or a luxury lunch in a cellar?

All of our tour vouchers are valid for 12 months after your voucher date so, if you are looking for a gift experience, these are ideal as the recipients have plenty of time to choose the tour date they wish to book onto.

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