Tall Ships’ Race Lisbon

Beginning on 22 July 2016, Lisbon will be hosting the Tall Ships’ Regatta, with the River Tagus welcoming more than 50 sailing ships into its estuary.

The great regatta of the Tall Ships’ Race will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The ships are set to begin their first race on 10 July, starting in the port of Antwerp, in Belgium, sailing towards Lisbon, where they will stay till the 25th July. From there they will head to Spain, passing through Cadiz and ending their race at La Coruña at the 14th August. 

Lisbon will be in festive mood and the River Tagus will be filled with excitement. From 22 to 25 July, there will be a programme of official commemorations, which will include visits to the ships themselves and will reach their high point with the Naval Parade down the river. This is a tremendously beautiful spectacle that you can’t afford to miss.