Best European Hidden Gems Includes a Portuguese Beach in The Algarve

Best European Hidden Gems Includes a Portuguese Beach in The Algarve

The website European Best Destinations has just published its selection of hidden treasures to discover in 2019 in Europe and among them lies a Portuguese beach.

In the border between Alentejo and the Algarve, where Rota Vicentina begins or ends, depending on the perspective, you can find the Odeceixe Beach. For those who want to travel in Europe and want to get off the beaten track, Costa Vicentina is, without a doubt, a place to go.

On foot or by car, there are many options to not miss this pearl hidden between Lisbon and the Algarve, one of the many beaches to discover without a doubt.

We also recommend you visit the Amoreira and Bordeira beaches, on the Algarve coast, and the semi-deserted beaches near the small town of Cavaleiro and Malhão, as well as the best known beaches of Vila Nova de Milfontes, São Torpes and of the Lagoa de Santo André, on the Alentejo coast.

Portugal itself, is among the finest unknown destinations in Europe and we can help you tailor the best programs ( for a perfect holiday in Portugal, for us, the most beautiful secret destination in Europe. We can also book your hotel, apartment, B & B, or villa in Alentejo or Algarve.

Discover a unique selection of secret destinations all around Portugal and the treasures hidden in every corner.