Why is a Food Tour in Portugal the perfect beginning to your trip?

Why is a Food Tour in Portugal the perfect beginning to your trip?

If you ask this question to a Portuguese, you can expect a huge smile and to see the vibrating eyes, and if you could read their mind, you would immediately perceive, by the images of multiple delicious looking dishes and ingredients, why a food tour in Portugal is the perfect beginning to your trip, whether it starts in Lisbon, Porto, Évora or Faro.

The history of Portugal is told by food. It is true. Each dish has a history which narrates the economy, discoveries, daily life of the people, geography, revolutions and achievements.

The food is in everything and at all times in the life of a Portuguese. A curious fact, for example, is the name by which the inhabitants of Lisbon – Alfacinhas (small lettuce), or the inhabitants of Porto – Tripeiros (for being just with the guts, after supplying the clean meat to the expedition that went to conquer Ceuta in 1415) are called.

Throughout our day, everything a Portuguese plan to do includes food ... for example, if there is a wedding, we arrange a dinner at the most romantic restaurant in town, if we have to close a deal, there’s nothing like inviting our partner to a fine meal accompanied by a good Portuguese wine, if there it is someone’s birthday, we, of course, throw a party with lots of food involved. Portuguese people’s lunch and dinner are enjoyed while sitting at a table, whether it is with family, friends, alone or with colleagues, but a meal is only complete if you have a full plate, and while we’re at it, soup, dessert, and bread to accompany everything.

All this would probably be enough to show you how a food tour in Portugal is the perfect beginning of your trip. But there's more!

A Food Tour in Portugal invites you to enjoy, stop to savor the moment, generate hums and yams and is the motto for many and good conversations between family and friends. It is also a great ally to rest from a long walk, rest from the sun or shelter from the momentary rain, it invites you to take many pictures and to share the unforgettable moments that you live.

There are more than a thousand reasons why a Food Tour in Portugal is the perfect start to the discovery of this extraordinary country that is Portugal, but we cannot fail to remember that the most important part of any trip is the people. The locals we meet on the way, those who tell us stories from the present and ancient times, those locals who welcome us with open arms, open their doors and prepare a traditional Portuguese meal of Petiscos.

This Food Tour in Portugal is definitely the highlight of your trip that you will never forget!